TikTok’s Genius Storage Idea For Those Hard-To-Reach Cabinets Above Your Fridge

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Although @jonesesdiy does not provide a step-by-step of how to build the pull-out wine glass holder, it seems that the process is pretty simple. To build your version of this DIY, first remove the side panel of the cabinet. This will need to be detached so that you can install the sliding component. It may help to take the cabinet’s doors off so you can reach inside to easily complete this installation. Next, take measurements of the inside of the cabinet to determine what size your sliding wood panel needs to be. After cutting your wood panel to size, attach your drawer slides to either side. Adhere the under-cabinet wine glass holders to the bottom of the panel.

Then, install the components of the drawer holder that will attach to the inside walls of the cabinet. Next, attach the cabinet’s side panel to the end of your pull-out wine glass holder. Finally, slide the finished product into your cabinet. In @jonesesdiy’s TikTok video, it appears that the DIY can hold quite a few wine glasses, so you should be able to free up space in your other cabinets after moving your glasses to this new pull-out holder.

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