Jesse Watters Has A Problem With Joe Biden Eating Ice Cream – State of the Union

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Fox News host Jesse Watters drew criticism for bizarre comments criticizing President Biden’s masculinity over a video showing Biden eating ice cream.

While Biden expressed hope for peace in Israel-Palestine, Watters fixated on the ice cream, saying it was “not manly” and that a president “should not be licking ice cream in public.”

Watters said, “You know my rule about men eating soup in public? I don’t think it’s manly … not a good look.”

“I think the same thing for ice cream. You should save that for vacation. A grown man, especially the president, should not be licking ice cream in public,” continued the Fox News host.

Conservative radio host Clay Travis also attacked Biden, calling it “super weird” for grown men to eat ice cream alone.

However, Watters’ remarks backfired as he was mocked on social media, with many posting photos of other grown men enjoying ice cream to show the criticism was unwarranted.

Rather than address important policy issues, Watters and Travis trivialized the story by criticizing Biden over his choice of dessert.

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