Is TikTok’s Tape Hack Worth Trying When Placing Holes In A Woodworking Project?

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If you often use dowel pins for your DIY woodworking projects, you may want to spend a little bit of money on a dowel jig kit, which greatly simplifies the process of creating these holes in a precise manner. These kits guide your drill bit perfectly, and they often include stop collars that help you achieve the perfect depth while drilling. The TikTok method doesn’t provide any guides for the depth of the holes, nor does it ensure they’ll be perfectly straight. When using the kit, you can easily repeat the placement of the holes for each piece of wood you use, making it faster than the tape method. You can find a typical dowel jig kit at Home Depot for about $23.


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Another option for placing the holes is to simply use a tape measure. Measure the piece of wood both lengthwise and widthwise to find the exact coordinates you need. As long as you can read the tape measure properly each time, you should be able to set the holes in the same place for each piece of wood. If you work with the same sizes of wood every time, you can create paper or thin cardboard stencils. Mark the holes in the precise location on the stencil with the first piece of wood and reuse it for every successive piece.

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