Natalie Nunn Addresses Cheating On Husband W/ Curtis Golden

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Whew! Roomies, Natalie Nunn is addressing allegations of cheating on her husband, Jacob Payne — again.

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Here’s What Prompted Natalie Nunn To Speak Out

According to HotNewHipHop, on Monday, March 4, footage began to circulate on social media of Natalie Nunn and fellow ‘Zeus’ star Curtis Golden. In the clips — which appear to be taken on separate occasions — the pair can be seen exchanging cozy kisses.

In addition, alleged audio also surfaced of Lemuel Plummer, the CEO of Zeus, chastising Nunn for her alleged affair and behavior with Golden.

Check out the clips and listen below.

Here’s What She Said

Later on Monday, Nunn took to Instagram Live to address the viral footage which led many to believe was was unfaithful to Payne, per HotNewHipHop. In a clip of her livestream, shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, Nunn alleged that Golden was a “thing for a little while.”

Additionally, Nunn asserted that her and Golden’s romance occurred while she and her husband were “on a break.”

“You were a thing for a little while, while I was on a break with my husband,” she said. “While we were doing a great job of coparenting — an amazing job. And guess what? That was a long time ago.”

From there, Nunn appeared to send a message to Golden.

“So, you wanna extort me? You wanna go up to No Jumper? You want all these blogs to run a story about you? You’re a b***h a** n***a. Nobody in this industry’s f*****g with you. I can promise you that. They were about to pull your interview — good luck today! Have a ball at your interview — I’m going to tell it all now so it don’t matter… Nobody cares! This is what clout chasing on a hundred looks like. Nobody cares,” she continued.

Click here to watch a portion of her comments.

According to the outlet, Nunn accused Golden of trying to extort her with old footage. However, Nunn alleged, that her husband and child are aware of the videos. Furthermore, Nunn reportedly alleged that no one in her family cares.

Natalie Nunn Previously Addressed Cheating Allegations

As The Shade Room previously reported, Nunn’s name made headlines in February. At the time, Fivio Foreign accused her of stepping out on her husband with one of his friends Louis Paso.

“Louis Paso, he came ’round me. He used the Fivio card. He’s f****g Natalie Nunn right now,” the rapper said while appearing on the ‘My Expert Opinion‘ podcast. “She’s flying him all over the world, spending money, going viral. Taking him to, you know, Dubai. I don’t even think he’s ever been to Dubai. And that’s what n****s is doing.”

In response, Nunn alleged that Fivio’s account was false.

“I did not meet him through you… I’m not sleeping with him and you sound big mad! If you wanted a feature with me that’s all you had to say. Cause you sound big mad your boy joined the winning team and we running up a serious bag,” she reportedly wrote in an Instagram Story in response to Fivio.

From there, Nunn shared some spicy words for the rapper.

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