Unusual Potato Hacks You Should Be Using In Your Home

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How many people does it take to change a broken lightbulb? Just one — and a potato. When facing a broken lightbulb, a regular household chore becomes risky, with the potential for deep cuts from the broken glass being a concern. To avoid putting your fingers in harm’s way, you can use any potato that is large enough to cover the broken bulb as a way to remove the bulb without needing protective gloves or other tools.

First, make sure the electrical current is off, either by unplugging the lamp or turning off the circuit. Then, take your potato and cut off the end so that it is a flat surface. Line up the potato with the broken bulb and push it on as much as you can. The potato should be soft enough that the shards of glass enter with ease, but firm enough that the glass doesn’t slide straight through. Twist the potato to unscrew the lightbulb base and then throw the potato away.

As handyman Sean Buino demonstrated in tutorial by WeekendWorkbench on YouTube, while the potato will remove the bulb, you can just as easily remove it with a set of pliers. However, people may not have these lying around the house as they would a potato, making this a super convenient hack for an annoying, unexpected problem.

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