TikTok’s Viral DIY Patio Couch Is A Stunning Addition To Any Outdoor Space

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Outdoor furniture is a great way to liven up a patio or backyard. For those who enjoy hosting summer parties, comfortable and stylish outdoor furniture is a must to provide guests with a seating area they love. While this furniture is the perfect addition to any outdoor living space, it can be pricey. Thankfully, a tutorial posted by TikTok user @cassmakeshome provides a step-by-step guide regarding how to build a stunning patio couch for only $600. 

The content creator actually recreated a Lulu and Georgia piece that was originally priced at $2,898, as shown in the TikTok, so this DIY is quite the steal. The Lulu and Georgia patio couch that inspired @cassmakeshome is no longer available on the website as of this writing, so this DIY is also perfect for those who missed out on purchasing the piece. 

If you are interested in trying this DIY project out yourself, you may want to know what @cassmakeshome used to craft the masterpiece. To build your own Lulu and Georgia-inspired patio couch, you will need plywood sheets, pocket screws, wood glue, tape, clamps, wood edge banding, white wood stain, weathered oak wood stain, and outdoor spar urethane. For the couch cushions, you will need outdoor furniture-friendly fabric, memory foam, and zippers. Keep in mind that you may also need to pick up the tools @cassmakeshome used in the video if you do not have them at home, including an electric screwdriver, an electric sander, and an iron.

How to build this gorgeous patio couch

Some may find it hard to believe that @cassmakeshome’s stunning patio sofa was a DIY project because it looks so much like the original Lulu and Georgia piece. Let’s dive into how the impressive final product was achieved for those interested in taking on the project themselves. First, have sheets of plywood cut to size at your local home improvement store for each part of the sofa’s wooden structure — plywood is a popular choice for DIY furniture. Be sure to have a duplicate piece of plywood cut for each side of your sofa. You may notice that @cassmakeshome doesn’t provide exact measurements. It might be helpful to take note of the original Lulu and Georgia piece’s measurements or the space where you plan to place the couch to determine what size each piece of plywood should be.

With your plywood cut to size, begin assembling the main wooden portion of the sofa that will support your seat cushions, as shown in the TIkTok. You will need to use an electric screwdriver and wood glue to attach the plywood pieces. If you like the rounded edges look shown in @cassmakeshome’s completed sofa, you should also round the corners of the plywood sheets that will make up the sides of your sofa. After building each side of your sofa, combine the sides using your electric screwdriver and pocket screws. Use the same method to attach your base piece that will sit beneath your sofa cushions.

You can customize this DIY to fit your space

Fear not — you are almost done assembling the wooden components of your sofa. At this point, use wood glue to attach the duplicate pieces of plywood to each side of your sofa to make them a bit thicker, as shown in the TikTok. Use clamps to help each piece dry and adhere properly. Now, use an iron to apply your wood edge banding to the edges of your sofa with an iron.

Next, it’s time to prepare your sofa for wood stain. Lightly sand each side of your assembled plywood. Apply white stain, then follow that up with the weathered oak wood stain after it has dried. Finally, use the memory foam pieces, outdoor-friendly fabric, and zippers to assemble each sofa cushion with the help of a sewing machine, as shown in the video. Now you are ready to place your finished cushions on your completed couch.

Although @cassmakeshome uses a white fabric on her couch to mimic the original Lulu and Georgia piece, keep in mind that you can opt for any color that best suits your space. This also goes for your plywood pieces. You can use a different color wood stain than shown in the video, or you could even paint the plywood a completely different color.

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