How To Update Ordinary String Lights For A More Stylish And Modern Look

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Of course, when many people mentally picture string lights, they probably envision them hanging from and across walls. But if you want to do something modern, different, and practical, why not be bold and hang your lights across the ceiling instead? This method offers a contemporary twist on the look and an exciting spin on overhead lights. 

For instance, instead of spending big on installing a pendant lighting, TikTok user @pie_sees_everything hung upbeat string lights with Command hook products on her ceiling. The results are modern and quirky, so anyone looking for a new overhead lighting option should consider using string lights for that stylish look.

TikToker @strictlykendra also used string lights as a source of overhead lighting, as her living room didn’t come with any other overhead lighting. She even impressed many viewers by having the overhead string lights plug into an outlet so she could turn them on and off with a switch for a super contemporary vibe and pragmatic feature.

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