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Traveling is expensive enough, so finding luggage that lasts is important. One TikToker shared a tip that will lengthen the life of your suitcase by reusing silica gel packets.

The scoop

Disney guru and travel agent Frances the Disney Adult (@gooddeedswookie) posted a hack for travelers.

“Don’t throw these silica gel packets away when you get them in packages,” she says, holding one up for display. “Instead, throw them in your luggage when you’re home and unpacked.”

She just does that in her video.

@gooddeedswookie Save those silica gel packets! 💦 #packingtip #luggage #DisneyWorld #Disneyland #GoodDeedsWookie #DisneyFanPage #silicagel #moisture ♬ original sound – Frances the Disney Adult

Silica bead packets, or silica gel packs, keep clothes, electronics, and food from being damaged by humidity during shipping and storage.

Tossing these packets into your suitcase will pull out the moisture from anything in your bag, especially if you’ve just come back from somewhere humid like Disney World.

“They will increase the longevity of your luggage,” Frances boasts.

A fair warning: Frances advises you not to eat the packets and to keep them out of children’s reach.

How it’s helping

Silica is a drying agent, so it keeps things fresh and free of mold and odors. Silica gel packets can absorb up to 40% of their weight in moisture, according to Discover magazine. 

From keeping cabinets dry after unloading the dishwasher to emergency use when you’ve accidentally dropped your phone in the washing machine, these seemingly useless packets most people have been throwing away for years are full of potential.

By preventing water damage and preserving your household items, you won’t have to purchase replacements as often. Using hacks such as this one to extend the life of what you already have is a huge money saver.

Silica gel packets contain plastic that does not break down. When they get thrown out, they cannot be recycled and either end up in a landfill or the ocean. 

Reusing silica gel packets is a greener choice for the environment, minimizing pollution while getting plenty of convenient benefits in the meantime. 

What everyone’s saying

The hack was welcomed with open arms on TikTok.

One person expressed their thoughts with a ‘mindblown’ emoji.

“This is such a great tip,” another TikToker commented.

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