Video footage of Tesla Cybertruck stirs debate about ‘useless’ off-road capability: ‘Anybody can get stuck’

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It’s safe to say Tesla’s Cybertruck isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The electric pickup’s design has drawn widespread hilarity on social media, with the angular aesthetic not appreciated by those who prefer their vehicles to have smoother features.

But sometimes, the criticism can be a little unfair, and recent videos of Cybertrucks getting stuck in icy conditions are one example of that being true.

“The narrative surrounding the Cybertruck’s alleged ‘useless’ off-road capabilities has been so notable that a number of media outlets have dubbed the all-electric pickup truck as the ‘Cyberstuck,’” as Teslarati noted.

But as one commenter observed, “Anybody can get stuck and anybody can help.” 

Unless you’re driving a tank, escaping after being caught up in the frost is not always so easy. To prove that, a Cybertruck has been seen saving a Ford F-150 from a snowy embankment. 

It’s particularly notable as one video garnering hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube from ABC7 shows the exact opposite happening back in December.

Bystander footage posted in February by Cars9to5 on YouTube shows the Cybertruck coming to the rescue this time, towing the dirty-fuel-powered competitor back onto the road.

“The driver of the Ford seemed quite inexperienced, he did put it in 4wd/4lo but traction control was not cooperating it seemed, not sure if he had a rear locker either,” Cars9to5 detailed

Cynics will suggest the incident was perhaps a little convenient, playing into Tesla’s hands after enduring unfavorable reviews — especially since this is practically a mirror image of an already popular video.

But it demonstrates that getting stuck can happen to pretty much any vehicle, and it shouldn’t really be used as a stick to beat the Cybertruck.

Speaking of which, that stick probably wouldn’t make a dent, anyway, with the all-electric pickup undergoing a number of durability tests from people on social media to demonstrate just how tough it is.

In fact, video of the pickup passing the infamous “steel ball test” — which it failed during a launch event — shows how the glass windows on the passenger’s and driver’s sides held up after having the projectile thrown at the panes. 

Circling back to its off-road performance, videos have also emerged of the Cybertruck doing well in all-terrain situations, tackling Sacramento’s Hollister Hills with relative ease. 

It’s undeniable that the Cybertruck is a game-changer in the electric vehicle space, though. 

While its capabilities perhaps came a little below expectations following early boasts by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, a strong, durable pickup that can provide around 340 miles of range on a single charge is still mightily impressive and will give consumers better options, potentially taking many polluting vehicles off the road.

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