How To Get The Look Of Taylor Swift’s Stunning Outdoor Living Space On A Budget

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Taylor Swift may spend a lot of her time on the road, but when she’s at home, her space is her sanctuary. In 2016, fans got a mini-tour of Swift’s home in Beverly Hills when she was a guest for “73 Questions with Vogue.” In the accompanying YouTube video, the “Cruel Summer” singer walks around her property while answering random questions about her past, her personal life, and everything in between. Swift’s indoor space features a fireplace, built-ins, and lots of cat décor, but midway through the rapid-fire questioning, she asks her interviewer, “Do you want to go outside to check out the other situation?”

The “other situation” is pretty spectacular. As Swift takes viewers onto her large stone patio, an oasis of citrus trees, ivy, star-shaped and Moroccan lanterns, a bird bath, and an eclectic mix of outdoor furniture can be seen. It’s hard to identify all of the foliage and trees in the clip, but when asked to name the best gift she ever received, the singer replies, “My boyfriend planted an olive tree in my yard for Christmas.” Of course, this video was taken back in 2016, so it was in her pre-Kelce era.

Swift’s net worth is over $1 billion, so she didn’t have to worry about cost when putting together her patio. But that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate her stunning outdoor space without breaking the bank.

Taylor Swift’s outdoor space — recreated on a budget

Taylor Swift’s Vogue video interview is a great place to get patio ideas. If you love the singer’s lush, outdoor oasis, look no further than a local garden shop to get yourself started. For under $40, Fast Growing Trees sells mini-orange trees that can be grown in a pot or as a hedge. You can grab an olive tree on the same site for around $80. You may also be able to find inexpensive trees or other types of shrubs in the garden center at Lowe’s or Home Depot. 

Like Swift, you’ll also want several decorative terracotta pots to house your patio trees. Target offers a large Wide Brunello Planter Pot for just $45.49. You can mix and match styles and colors for a more eclectic look. To make your outdoor garden compete, Home Depot sells a pure copper bird bath on a garden pole for under $70. The shimmery addition will not only attract birds but will give your space a touch of glam.

Light up your space with starry lanterns

As for actual décor that would be Swiftie-approved, check out Wayfair’s Moravian Star Lighted Display for an inexpensive way to copy the starry lantern look. For just $29, you can light up all of your trees. You can also look to eBay for a mix of other types of candles, lanterns, and stands in all price ranges. Swift has an outdoor chandelier on her patio. If you don’t have the setup for that, you can still light things up with outdoor string lights draped across poles — $35.99 for a pair of 9-foot poles on Amazon and $22.99 for outdoor globe lights

Swift’s patio also features a fun mish-mash of outdoor sofas with pillows, benches, and chairs. Home Depot sells an amazing teak garden bench that can be paired with colorful pillows for stylish outdoor seating. HomeGoods and other big box home stores sell an array of outdoor pillows that would be perfect for this. Amazon sells a ton of outdoor throw pillows in all colors and sizes. And, you can scour Facebook Marketplace and flea markets for rustic accessories and second-hand furniture to save even more money — and make your “Blank Space” something really special.

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