This Popular Ikea 2024 Release Is Taking Kitchen Storage To Another Level

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As TikTok creator @interiorxlifestyle demonstrated, Ikea’s HAGAÅN open cabinet can make for a great place to store your coffee bar accessories, wherever and however you place it. TikToker @shashe.t also flaunted their take on the trend, utilizing the HAGAÅN cabinet to house mugs, candles, and sauces on their kitchen counter. Because it’s completely open, the trick is to think about aesthetic appeal. For example, the HAGAÅN looks perfect for holding pretty utensils, glass jars, and pantry goods that you reach for in your everyday routine.

Unfortunately, the kicker is that it isn’t currently available for purchase in the U.S. But don’t fret — there are similar pieces you can snag that are narrow enough to give you storage to work with while still maximizing valuable counter space. At a similar height and width, there’s Amazon’s Furinno Luder bookcase, which — while it’s advertised for books — could still work to store small kitchen appliances. The Furinno Pasir open bookcase is another option.

If you’re set on Ikea, there are still alternate HAGAÅN products available. The HAGAÅN wall open cabinet looks gorgeous in a bathroom setting, melding both decor and function by keeping your accessories handy. But at well over 7 feet high and 3 feet wide, it’s not something that can sit on your kitchen counter. However, if you mount it on the wall — well, that’s a different story.

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