TikTok’s Shoe Rack Hack Makes Storing Paper Towel And Toilet Paper So Convenient

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We’ll be honest, this hack isn’t our favorite. Unless you have a sturdy door that’s great for long-term hanging, this can cause wear and tear, making it not-so-renter-friendly. The danger it poses can also present issues that may lead to constant messes or unsafe spaces for your children. If you’re looking for an option that prioritizes safety first, these may be up your alley.

TikTok users, @beth_sm4 and @pamscreationz, both used this Walmart shoe rack to create some organization in their pantry. The sturdy hack sits firmly on the floor and off in corners that don’t get too much foot traffic. If sturdiness is something you worry about when filling up your shoe rack, one commenter on @beth_sm4’s video mentioned using hot glue to keep the metal pieces together.

Another option that provides a bit more safety, without sacrificing space is a solution you might have in your garage. Two words: bungee cords. TikTok user, @littlesuburbanfarmhouse, applies two over-the-door hooks on both the top and bottom parts of her pantry door, then installs bungee cords on each hook. Beyond being able to stretch around as many paper towel rolls as she likes, this lightweight method is more sustainable if you are constantly opening and closing the door. Though there may be a risk of the cord snapping, that is more dependent on how much you load on the cords, rather than the cords themselves being fragile.

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