The IKEA Chaise Lounge That Makes Your Living Space And Storage Customizable

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Installing my #jattebo chaise lounge by #ikea #sectional #diy #ikeamusthaves #vlog

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The JÄTTEBO chaise module comes in both a right and left-sided configuration. The chaise shown in @jennacarapezza’s TikTok video is the right-sided option, which includes an armrest. This version is priced at around $1,070. The left-sided configuration is priced at about $850. However, the lower price is likely because it does not include an armrest.

In the video, you can see that @jennacarapezza opted to use only the chaise in her living room rather than purchasing additional pieces. Still, she has enough room to lay across the furniture comfortably. If you enjoy entertaining or having guests over, you should know that the piece likely only fits one or two people. Thankfully, if you would like to add additional sections, it is easy to create a configuration ideal for you and your guests. The IKEA website shows how the chaise can be combined with the two-and-a-half-seat model to create a sofa that will fit in smaller living rooms, but also has a bit more space. This set is about $1,650 in total. You can also combine the left and right-sided chaise modules to create a seating area that is perfect for lounging, reading, or daytime naps. This two-chaise set is sold for about $1,920.

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