Space-Saving Countertop Dishwashers Go Viral On TikTok — Are They Worth It?

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The countertop dishwasher from ecozy is a clever little device that, as buyers attest, packs a powerful punch when cleaning dishes. Just remember to place it near an electrical outlet, as well as a sink, bucket, or window since it drains used water throughout a cycle. If space is tight, a 61-inch drain tube is included for maximum flexibility. The dishwasher can either be manually filled with water (5 liters per cycle) or use the included sink-inlet hose. The device has a clear window on the front, allowing you to watch it while it works.


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It’s programmed with five cycles, which should cover most people’s dishwashing needs: Rinse, Quick, ECO, Normal, and Heavy. Runtimes range from 19 to 89 minutes, and the cycle’s temperature will vary, depending on your selection. Many reviews mention how well the appliance cleans dishes — just remember to scrape off excess food before running a cycle and to load the dishwasher correctly so every item gets squeaky clean. While fans claim the ecozy dishwasher rivals the efficiency and results of traditional, larger-capacity appliances, critics allege that it leaves dishes dirty and isn’t worth the price. Despite some negative feedback, however, the appliance has mostly positive reviews — 77% are five stars, with only 4% of buyers leaving single-star assessments.

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