‘Worked for an energy company … this is all true’

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Many families have been feeling strapped with increasing bills and rising inflation. Your energy bill may be a place to use some hacks to save each month — using dryer balls, blocking drafts, and changing your thermostat are all methods to try. 

One TikToker has shown another way to keep your bill down, though, and it will cost you nothing. 

The scoop

TikToker QueenPettyLex (@queenpettylex1) mostly posts videos talking about her life. However, in a humorous clip, she shows how she keeps her energy bill down. 

@queenpettylex1 this really does work 💯 #savingmoney #bills #sahm #TheAdamProject #housewifelife#voiceeffects ♬ original sound – QueenPettyLex

In the video, she goes around her home unplugging nearly every appliance. She even scolds another member of her family for leaving their computer on while they are asleep. Seeing a bright screen and glowing green headphones in the TikTok makes the wasted energy pretty obvious.

Unplugging your appliances is a way to combat household energy vampires. Just like Colin Robinson, these appliances sap energy without you realizing it. While things like your toaster are less likely to pull energy when not in use, there are several culprits that constantly use electricity. 

How it’s helping

Reducing the amount of electricity your household uses is a great way to save money while benefiting the planet. According to a study from Carnegie Mellon University, “Residential energy use accounts for roughly 20% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the United States.” Some research says that this wasted energy makes up around 1% of global carbon emissions. 

The NRDC reported that nearly a quarter of your bill may be due to these energy vampires. The appliances that have proved to be the biggest culprits include televisions, computers, and small kitchen appliances. Unplugging these appliances can save the average family over $100 a year

What everyone’s saying

Commenters on TikTok seem to know about the benefits of unplugging your appliances. One person wrote, “Worked for an energy company … this is all true! Everything is pulling power.”

Someone clearly living in the U.S. chimed in, “I wish it was like the U.K. they have a switch on each plug so you don’t have to unplug just turn the switch off.” 

Throughout Europe, it is also much more common to see a hotel room that automatically shuts down the power to all outlets unless the guest has placed their room key in a switch near the door. 

Finally, a commenter simply said, “Yup unplug it all.”

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