Saucy Santana Reacts, Gilbert Arenas Comments On His Twerking

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Saucy Santana is sharing a message for Gilbert Arenas after the former NBA player praised the rapper’s twerking skills.

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Here’s How Things Initially Popped Off Between Gilbert Arenas & Saucy Santana

On March 8, an episode of Arenas’ podcast was streamed live on YouTube. About an hour and eighteen minutes into the show, Arenas brought fellow former NBA player Nick Young as a guest.

The two then began to discuss Young’s friendship with Santana. However, Arenas was unaware of who Santana was.

After looking the rapper up, Arenas appeared to clown Young for his friendship with Santana.

“Ah, hell! That’s yo dog! Hahaha!” Arenas exclaimed. “Hell no! Come on, man. This?!… That ain’t no rapper, stop it!”

Arenas then held up a video of Santana twerking and told Young that he “knows” Young “paid for that.” According to AllHipHop, Arenas even seemed to imply that Santana and Young couldn’t just be friends due to Santana’s sexuality as a gay man.

Check out the moment below.

A video shared on TikTok over the weekend appeared to capture Santana’s response to Arena’s comments. The rapper appeared to take offense to Arenas not considering him a rapper.

Ultimately, Santana shared spicy words for both Arenas and Young.


Gilbert and nick better watch out😂😂😳 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #saucysantana #santana #gilbertarenas #nickyoung #yungmiami #citygirls #jt #fypシ

♬ original sound – Kenny🦉🤷🏽‍♂️

Gilbert Arenas Changes His Tune On The Rapper

Then, on Sunday, March 17, Gilbert Arena’s podcast returned to YouTube with another live stream. Additionally, Nick Young joined the former NBA player.

About four minutes into the show, the pair addressed their recent conversation. Arenas admitted that he was “thrown off” initially seeing the video of Santana.

However, unlike his recent comments, Arenas appeared to have a different tune on Santana and seemingly praised his twerking.

“I’m not gonna lie… If I had to rate between who’s better… him or Megan Thee Stallion, I don’t know who I’m gonna throw my dollars to, dog.” Arenas told Young. “A good show is a good show!”

From there, Arenas went on to humorously share how he’d react to watching Santana twerk.

Saucy Santana Shows Love To Gilbert Arenas

Later that evening, Santana caught wind of the pair’s conversation after coming across a tweet with a video clip from the stream on X, formerly known as Twitter.

In response, Santana shared words for Arenas, also seemingly changing his tune on the former NBA player.

WAIT- ayoooo, Gil! Lemme holla at u!!! I had a crush on you since I was kid. U my baby daddy…” the rapper wrote.

Check out their comments and Santana’s response below.

According to VIBE, Santana recently spoke on how he handles homophobia while appearing on Grindr‘s ‘Who’s The A**hole? ‘ podcast.

“It’s definitely real,” he explained. “…I remember when my song came out, it went viral. I remember 2019, 2020, I couldn’t be in certain rooms. Dudes was like ‘nah’ — not necessarily rude to me, but you could just feel the energy… Once my accolades started speaking for me, I had so many different men in rap like, ‘Bro, keep going.’ Drake done FaceTimed me with Caresha, Jack Harlow… I get so much respect from different dudes outside now… [but] I still got a long way to go.”

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