‘This animal can kill you’

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As exciting as it is to go to a national park and see a wild animal, you must never forget that you are on their territory and that there are rules in place to keep visitors and animals safe.

“When you’re trying to get a good picture, but forget this animal can kill you,” TikToker Julie Eskew Porter (@julieeskewporter) wrote in the caption of her video. 

@julieeskewporter When you’re trying to get a good picture, but forget this animal can kill you. #travel #yellowstonetv #yellowstone #fyp ♬ original sound – Julie Eskew Porter

In the clip, a group of tourists are gathered in Yellowstone National Park, mere feet away from a black bear, all while capturing the moment with their phones and cameras.

The bear moves in on them, approaching dangerously close, before many finally realize the peril and give the animal its space.

“I need everyone away! Away from the bear!” a park ranger can be heard yelling in the background.

The National Park Service recommends staying 100 yards away from bears and wolves. Even the TikToker taking the video is too close.

A black bear, while slower than a grizzly, can still reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. To put that into perspective, Usain Bolt ran 27.78 miles per hour at his fastest. The point is, you can’t outrun a bear.

Getting close to a bear puts your life at risk and the bear’s as well. Most animals who interact with or react to tourists who infringe on their territory are euthanized if they cause any harm.

It’s also disheartening and stressful to those who care about protecting and preserving the relationship between humans and the natural world, including park rangers — like the one in the video who was clearly distraught by the situation. Respect for nature and wildlife is closely linked to respect for the greater environment. 

Whether it’s because of genuine curiosity, adoration, or “for the gram,” never approach wildlife. Maintain safe distances, unlike the people in the video, and take note of the signs and regulations to keep you, your loved ones, and the wildlife safe. 

Educate yourselves and join the fight to protect the natural world. Leave wildlife wild. Don’t be a touron (tourist + moron). 

The post was met with over 200 comments of support.

“No common sense…” one TikToker wrote.

“And this is why we hear about bear attacks,” another person said. 

“People would die for a picture these days,” one comment said.

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