Create The Ultimate Storage For Stuffed Animals With A Simple Dollar Tree DIY

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Stuffed animal hammocks are not a new idea. They’ve been around for years as a way to keep stuffed toys off the ground and organized without confining them to a closet or bin. Yet, the average stuffie hammock is $10 online, which is why this TikTok hack from @j3nnif3r_11 is such a great idea. You only need a Dollar Tree mesh laundry bag for $1.25, scissors, and some tacks or nails to attach the homemade hammock to the walls.

Cut the laundry bag lengthwise, but do not cut the drawstring cord — it gives the hammock some tension to contain the stuffies and prevent them from cascading onto the floor. Once you cut it, find a corner of a wall and secure each end of the newly made hammock to opposing walls. After that, fill it up with as many stuffies as it can reasonably hold. If you need another hammock, it’ll only be another $1.25 investment. 

With this handy hack, you utilize a room’s vertical storage capabilities. Or, try this stylish stuffed animals storage trick for another way to keep them all together. Either way, you won’t be filled with existential dread that the stuffed animals feel neglected or suffocated. 

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