Why You Should Put Plastic Wrap On Your Glass Shower Door

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Though this method seems to be extremely effective, we explored a few other methods to test which idea would be the most productive and cost-efficient. As plastic wrap is extremely inexpensive, it does seem like a great option for getting a deeper clean that doesn’t come with the hassle of a high price tag. But considering that double cleaning may already be in your cards depending on if it actually works for you, we thought that ensuring a deep clean would be a better idea.

TikTok user @nooks.crannies gets rid of their water stains by starting with Rain-X Shower Door X-treme Clean and a sponge. After the first rinse, they follow up with an ammonia-free glass cleaner. Similar to the first option, this one does use the double cleaning method, but Rain-X is a stronger method since it causes water beads to slide off of glass surfaces. This method as a starter will save you from taking the actual step, though it can be a bit more expensive than plastic wrap.

Another method from TikTokker @casalucyro caught our attention and may catch yours if you’d prefer a milder cleaner. Though both of the previous methods mentioned are effective, they both use strong chemicals that could be a bit overwhelming. They used steel wool in combination with a dry or wet cleaner to get rid of the harsh water stains, though you’ll need to be firm if you have water deposits present.

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