TikTok Turns Big Box Store Cabinets Into Stylish DIY Shoe Storage

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First things first, installing shaker-style cabinets is surprisingly simple and easy but adjusting the doors and drawers to your own preference takes a few more tools and time. Made of plywood, the Home Depot shaker cabinets that TikTok user @sararose152 bought came with soft-close doors and dovetail drawers, so keep these details in mind before you purchase. Also, based on the size of your drawers, always measure the space you plan to put them in beforehand, so you’ll know exactly how many cabinets you need to buy.

Once your drawers are constructed, be sure they are steadied if they’ll be sitting on the floor. Some great ways to keep them in place (and sturdy in case you have a house full of curious kiddos) are by buying a rubber rug pad or silicone chair leg caps to stop any sliding. These options are great if you’re going to be moving your cabinets around often while in search of the perfect placement. 

With peel-and-stick pads, cup pads, and screw-on caps all being options, finding what works best for you is simple. The last thing you want is to be met with a floor that needs a touch-up immediately after buying a new cabinet. If you plan to paint, go with white, as it’s a timeless choice that will melt into any background, or black if you prefer a sleeker look. Shades of green are also super chic.

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