Save Those Silica Gel Packets To Use In Your Bathroom. Here’s Why

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The qualities of silica gel as a desiccant or drying agent might seem peculiar. Yet, because it is a highly porous substance, it is adept at absorbing moisture or water. That’s why silica-based kitty litter is the answer to reducing moisture in your basement too. It is a granularized silicon dioxide, hence the name. Silica does this because water molecules stick to the surface of the gel beads. In addition, silica gel can actually re-release moisture if it is kept at too high a temperature. However, that temperature is about 150 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s unlikely that will ever be an issue in your home.  

These absorbent little beads can absorb up to 40% or 50% of their weight, depending on the humidity and temperature of a space. They’re practically the ants of the helpful sand-like family. What makes these moisture eaters even more interesting is that even at their full absorbency capacity, they are dry to the touch. 

Since you can’t tell if the silica is saturated by touching it, pay attention to its appearance instead. Most silica gel you encounter is going to be non-indicating, meaning that it won’t change color after saturating. Instead, you want to see how translucent it is. If it is practically see-through, chances are it is dry. You can also purchase indicating silica gel that changes color when it is fully saturated. 

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