TikToker shares how you can get near-limitless foaming soap with home hack: ‘Cheat the system’

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Germaphobe or not, every household needs hand soap. When living with roommates or family members, the soap supply can dwindle quickly, and keeping a stock of your favorite juicy peach Softsoap can put a strain on your wallet. 

Thanks to TikToker Kristopher Juniel (@problemsolved), we now know of an easy and cost-effective solution. 

@problemsolved Stop wasting money on diluted soap! #problemsolved #CleanTok #diycleaning #soap #cleaning ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

The scoop

This soap hack only requires two ingredients: soap and water. Given that you’re already paying for the soap and the water comes directly from your faucet, this method checks the “cost-effective” box. 

Juniel starts by calling this hack a way to “cheat the system.” It calls for “three or four tablespoons of your favorite soap,” while filling the rest of the bottle with water. Pump the dispenser once, scrub for 20 seconds, and your hands will still be sparkly clean, just as they would be with brand-new grocery store soap. 

How it’s helping

The glaring benefit this hack provides is its cost efficiency. 

In the video, Juniel points out that most soap bottles are already diluted with water, so why not do it yourself? Especially if you also buy the soap in large refill containers that use less plastic, as shown in the video, it will save money and a trip to the store, along with being better for the environment. Soap tablets and powders are another way to cut down on plastic and associated transportation costs.

We’ve seen other creators recommend similar savings methods with different products or services, like TikTokers Abby Baffoe (@abbybaffoe) with makeup and Asset You Free (@assetyoufree) with utility costs.

Reusing the same plastic bottle also reduces plastic waste, which benefits the environment. 

In 2021, it was estimated that 40 million tons of municipal plastic was generated in the United States, and the majority of that plastic is put in landfills, according to data from Statista. 

Keeping more of it out of landfills will ultimately cut down on methane pollution released from landfills and protect oceans and marine life from plastic pollution. 

Make no mistake, reusing plastic soap bottles on an individual level may not significantly reduce this number, but it does signify mindfulness and responsibility when it comes to reducing your contribution to this issue. And if multiple households join together to form better habits collectively, it’s possible to make real progress and change. 

What everyone’s saying

The reviews are in, and the reactions to Juniel’s TikTok seemed to echo this support. 

One person commented: “You helped me save so much $$$ money. And I can keep the cute bottles.”

“I started this in January 2022 because of you and $10 in refill soaps lasts my household for a whole year for the last two years and going on year 3,” another added. 

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