Try TikTok’s Genius Hack To Triple Your Bookshelf Storage Space For Only $5

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Once you’ve purchased your eyeshadow palette rack, all you need to do is slot your books into the open spaces, then pop it into place on your bookshelf. Speaking of open spaces, though, it’s worth noting that this is a hack generally works best with thinner books, rather than your copies of “War and Peace” and “Anna Karenina.” With that in mind, start off by seeing which of your books will fit snugly in the open compartment and stack those, first.

That’s not to say longer books are totally out of the question, however. As one TikToker who tried the hack, @lin_reads, pointed out, you can always pop the book over one (or more) of the dividers, if need be. Just make sure the book doesn’t end up standing open and slot it in carefully to avoid damaging the pages, but once you’re happy with how everything looks, you’re good to go!

The really fun thing about this hack is, you can use the eyeshadow racks to curate collections of your own. Obviously, if you have a series, you can place them in order. However, you could also group books based on genre, setting, or author. At the end of the day, this hack should enhance your reading experience, so how you choose to organize your books in the eyeshadow rack all comes down to your preference. The best part? You’ll be able to continue collecting books to your heart’s content. 

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