Several states planning to ban the sale of gas-powered cars as Biden fights climate change – State of the Union

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Nine states have adopted California’s Advanced Clean Cars II rules that aim to phase out new gas vehicle sales by 2035.

Supporters argue it will significantly reduce emissions and push the auto industry toward electric vehicles (EVs).

However, critics contend the timeline is too aggressive and will increase costs for consumers and businesses without infrastructure to support widespread EV adoption.

“The ban on new gas-powered cars in such an expedited time does not take costs or feasibility into account,” said Ray Cantor, the chief deputy government affairs officer at the NJBIA. “It does not take the lack of local and highway infrastructure into account. It does not take grid capacity into account. It ignores consumer choice. It doesn’t take New Jersey residents into account, especially low- and moderate-income families. And it doesn’t take the lack of actual environmental benefit into account.”

“There’s nothing wrong with working to reduce carbon emissions,” Cantor said. “And the marketplace would have likely seen a natural increase of EV users with an organic time frame to build appropriate capacities. But the near-term, targeted mandates will increase the prices of both new and used gas-powered cars.”

Debate continues around balancing environmental goals with economic and technological feasibility as both the federal government and more states consider policies to transition the transportation sector away from fossil fuels.

“In terms of economic impact, states joining together to send a clear signal to the market will result in greater economies of scale, driving down the prices of ZEVs (zero-emission vehicles), and ensuring that Rhode Island dealers and customers have full access to electric vehicles,” Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management Director Terry Gray said.

Implementation challenges could impact whether the rules achieve their climate objectives.

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