The Foolproof Test To Tell Whether Your Zinnias Are Ready To Be Cut Or Not

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When choosing zinnias, experts recommend that you select the flowers that are still in the process of opening. Look for stems with tight clusters, which will continue to bloom after they’re cut and placed in water. Before you pick any, give the wiggle test a go for yourself. A YouTuber demonstrated just how much these flowers wiggle when they’re not ready. Expect your zinnias to really flop around before they’ve matured, and don’t pick any except for the firmest stems. Cutting them before they’re fully ready will see those zinnias go from floppy to limp in a matter of hours, so patience is key.

Before you pick your zinnias, there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure an abundance of bright and healthy blooms. Zinnias can range from low-growing flowers to 3-foot-tall beauties, and if long stems are the goal, you can “pinch” them when they’re young (around 8 to 12 inches). Pinching is a process by which you cut off the top 3 or so inches of the plant, encouraging the zinnia to grow multiple stems and more flowers. And like other flower varieties, zinnias benefit from deadheading, which is when you snip off the dead flower heads to stimulate new growth.

A “dirty” flower, zinnias are known to shed dirt and debris into their vase. You can mitigate this by adding a drop of bleach into the water. Enjoy those gorgeous blooms in vases or garden all summer long!

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