Bill Maher and John Cleese Criticize ‘Woke’ Media for Unreliable Reporting – State of the Union

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Bill Maher and John Cleese criticized the New York Times on Maher’s podcast, saying it is pushing an agenda rather than just reporting the news.

Maher said focus groups printed by the Times often say “dumb [expletive]” and the paper is failing because it excessively editorializes on the front page rather than just presenting facts.

“The New York Times on Sunday very often has on the back page of the weekend review a focus group with people — like 12 people. And I’m reading this, like, thinking, ‘Oh, we’re so [expletive].’ They’re just saying the dumbest [expletive], and it’s printed in The New York Times,” Maher said.

Cleese agreed trying to get an accurate picture has become harder due to unreliable information.

“I used to think that’s a great newspaper, and I don’t anymore,” Cleese said.

“I don’t either. And I mean, it’s sad because it was, like, on my breakfast table when I was a kid. It was in my parents’ house,” Maher said.

Maher lamented wanting someone to tell the “whole truth” rather than just opinions.

Cleese acknowledged propaganda has always existed but cited the Times taking $100 million from Google as compromising its claimed independence and truth-seeking.

“There’s way too much editorializing on the front page, the way the articles that are just supposed to be the facts are slanted one way. And I’m not even necessarily for the other side,” Maher said.

“Trying to get a really accurate picture of something has got harder and harder and harder,” Cleese added. “The hard thing is getting any reliable information.”

Other celebrities like Amy Schumer and Jessica Chastain have also slammed the Times’ coverage of Israel.

As the Times loses money and cuts jobs, Maher and Cleese suggest more people may be losing faith in its objectivity.

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