Sexyy Red accidentally reveals her youngest child’s father

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She wasn’t hiding that man from the world, she was hiding the world from that man! 

Sexyy Red’s been that gworl all over the internet as of late. Her recent performance at Rolling Loud created a viral moment. DDG said she’s top 5 of all time, which sparked a huge online debate. And lets not forget, Drake casually showering Ms. Red with lavish gifts, just because. 

We not mad at you sis– get it Sexyy, get it Sexyy! 

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With all of this intrigue, we can’t ignore one pretty big question… who is her youngest child’s father? Red has gone out of her way to make sure no one knows of his identity. Even covering up his face for her pregnancy reveal.

Now, y’all KNOW we had to do proper digging to get to what y’all came here for! If they’re lost, we will find them, period. 

The father of Sexyy Red’s child is no different. We keep our eyes and ears to the streets and thankfully we were in the right place at the right time! In an instagram video uploaded to her close friends list, Sexyy accidentally uploaded a quick vid of her youngest child’s father. 

FINALLY see who the mystery man is below, Roommates:


It turns out the mystery man is April Fools! Y’all know Sexyy’s keeping that man under wraps, okay! If you’ve read this far, thank you for being a loyal Roommate. We hope April is an amazing month for you!

Check out Sexyy Red’s latest video for ‘Get It Sexyy’!!


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