Jayden Daniels Reveals His ‘Overlooked’ Trait As NFL Prospect

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Jayden Daniels should be one of the first players off the board when the NFL Draft begins on April 25.

Whether he joins the Washington Commanders, the New England Patriots or a surprise team, the LSU quarterback already showed what makes him special on the field. As the draft nears, the 23-year-old opened up about other qualities he looks to bring to an NFL team.

Daniels believes his compete level means more than people realize, as discussed in “A Few Words For My People Who Got Me Here,” a story he released this week.

“One thing that I think gets overlooked sometimes is that dog and that competitive edge in me,” Daniels wrote in his piece for “The Players’ Tribune” on Wednesday. “People don’t really get to see that side because of who I am as a person. I’m more reserved. I’m calm, I’m quiet. But I’m very competitive. I don’t back down from anything or anybody. So I worked hard for it, and I hoped God would meet my effort with a blessing.”

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The quarterback certainly competed to raise his game, accounting for 50 total touchdowns with just four interceptions in a Heisman-winning season for LSU in 2023.

Daniels will find his NFL home when the draft kicks off in Detroit at the end of the month.

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