Minute Steak Isn’t As Quick As It Sounds

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Minute steak is a popular option for those who may not have much time to cook or are trying to stretch their food budget. Because it generally comes from cuts that aren’t top-quality parts of the cow, it tends to be more affordable than many other beef choices. Nevertheless, it’s a versatile piece of meat used in various flavorsome dishes. One beloved cuisine that uses minute steak is the Southern classic, chicken fried steak. Another comfort food classic made with minute steak is beef stroganoff. Simply seasoning the steak with salt and pepper is all you need to do before starting a beef stroganoff, but for some dishes, you may want to punch the flavor up a bit. One way to do this is by applying a dry rub with your favorite seasonings to the steak.


If you really want to save yourself some time, consider making a few dry-rubbed steak wraps for your lunches for a few days. With minimal time spent in the kitchen, you’ll be rewarded with delicious steak wraps for lunch over the next few days. The bold flavors of the rub will accent the tasty umami of the steak and complement the other ingredients within. You could also apply a dry rub to the minute steak you’re going to throw in a stir fry, but there is an even better way to get the flavor of the steak to shine in that type of meal.

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