Rip Micheals Reveals Wife Left Him After Heart Attack (Video)

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Rip Micheals has revealed that his wife left him after he experienced a heart attack in November 2023.

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Here’s What Rip Micheals Said About His Wife

On Thursday, April 4, the official Instagram account for Angela Yee’s radio show ‘Way Up With Angela Yee’ shared a video clip from a recently-released episode featuring Rip Micheals.

In the clip, Micheals explained that during his hospitalization, he became “really close” with his daughter. The comedian went on to share that his wife left him while he was in the hospital.

“My wife left me while I was in the hospital too,” he explained. “…I guess when it says, ‘Til death do us part,’ she’s a go-getter. She don’t like to procrastinate. So she was out.”

Micheals explained that he and his wife were married for two years.

In response, Yee called the actions of Michaels’ former spouse “cold-blooded.”

“Yes, um I guess when it said I was in ICU, she said, ‘I’ll see you later,’” the comedian continued to joke. “So she was out of there.”

From there, the comedian explained that it was “hard to cope” with his wife’s departure. However, he learned a major lesson from the experience.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to the comedian’s revelation.

Instagram user @nurseanastasiak wrote, As a nurse women almost never leave the men side, it’s always the men so his wife definitely has a story to tell. She probably seen evidence of infidelity on his phone which is what usually happens . I’m an ICU nurse and we know all the tea 💅🏾”

While Instagram user @_suckafreesi added,WE WOULD LIKE TO HEAR HER SIDE…”

Instagram user @arrowtrue wrote, Abuse or cheating would be the only reasons that I’d leave a husband while hospitalized. All other reasons can wait until he’s back on his feet”

While Instagram user @myajasmineeee added, That’s not right she could’ve stayed with him 🥺”

Instagram user @lorenlorosa wrote, I thought I was traumatized because the first thing I thought was .. she went thru that phone. Then I came to the comments and saw I’m not alone 😂✊🏾”

While Instagram user @prettyk1206 added, As a former ICU nurse, I’m telling yall now, she went through that phone and cleared it✌🏽”

Instagram user @miss_shoodygirl_ wrote,Honey! As a nurse I see this all the time in healthcare but ain’t no telling what he sent that woman through before his health failed him.”

While Instagram user @blackmarriagemovement added,Not cool! I don’t like that! Marriage is for good times and bad. BE THERE!!!”

Instagram user @sebastianfmusic wrote, Sometimes chaos is necessary to see who really with you and who ain’t”

While Instagram user @snootypoohs added,AHT AHT WE GONNA NEED HER SIDE OF THE STORY SIR!!!”

More Details Regarding The Comedian’s Hospitalization

As The Shade Room previously reported, Rip Micheals revealed his hospitalization on November 14, 2023. At the time, the comedian shared a now-deleted video on Instagram which showed him in a hospital bed.

Additionally, the comedian’s caption revealed that his heart was “only functioning at 17 percent” and he was being cared for by the “heart failure team.”

“My deepest apologies to everyone who bought tickets to the live taping at Apollo! My heart since the attack is only functioning at 17 percent & i am currently in CCU with good ppl in heart failure team! I thank each every person for all the prayers & get well wishes & your understanding & my family does too!” he wrote at the time.

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