Why Costco Shoppers Aren’t Running To Buy The New Bacon Cheddar Burger Kits

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Aside from the disappointment stemming from a lack of buns in the new Costco burger kits, shoppers have also pointed out how the patties, which feature mixed in cheddar and bacon, come pre-cooked. One Reddit commenter wrote, “I’d rather buy the frozen pre-formed patties than something pre-cooked like this.” Another stated, “I can taste the dry …”

We can’t help but agree with these Costco shoppers and their negativity. The kits, for one, don’t look appetizing at first glance. After you reheat the patties, you would dry them out further, and everyone would be getting their burgers well done. Additionally, the lettuce in the kit appears lifeless and wilty, and with time, it will only look sadder.  This Reddit commenter seems to have summed up the feelings of Reddit Costco shoppers: “I make a decent hamburger and every aspect of this kit is terrible.”

Although folks at Reddit feel shortchanged by Costco’s new Bacon Cheddar Burger kit, the new offering does have fans. For example, one TikTok user, @costcohotfinds, gave the kit a 10 out of 10, raving about how its included sauce tastes like a mix of Dijon mustard, mayo, and ketchup and how the bacon in the patty is crispy. Our verdict? We trust the Costco shoppers on Reddit and feel we can sleep on this kit. Fans of cheddar cheese and bacon combos can make our twice-baked bacon and cheddar bread recipe instead.

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