Doctor Critical of Transgender ‘Medicine’ told Not to Travel Over Security Concerns – State of the Union

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Dr. Hilary Cass, who authored a major report on the dangers of transgender medical practices for children, said she is facing abuse and threats after publication.

She said she is avoiding public transport on security advice.

“I’m not going on public transport at the moment, following security advice, which is inconvenient,” Dr. Cass said.

She accused critics like MP Dawn Butler of spreading misinformation about the report, claiming studies Butler cited were not reviewed.

Cass noted that Butler’s claim was “completely wrong,” adding that the studies Butler cited had “absolutely nothing to do with either our report or any of the papers.”

Cass said undermining the report puts children at risk.

“If you deliberately try to undermine a report that has looked at the evidence of children’s healthcare, then that’s unforgivable. You are putting children at risk by doing that,” she said.

Her 388-page report found transgender medical practices for under-18s were built on shaky foundations and puberty blockers had little evidence of helping mental health while long term effects are unknown.

It said most gender dysphoric children will grow out of it, so extreme caution is needed.

“For most young people, a medical pathway will not be the best way to manage their gender-related distress,” the report noted.

While the NHS will stop routinely providing puberty blockers, there are concerns about loopholes.

Health Secretary Victoria Atkins said medical professionals seeking to subvert the rules could face firing.

“I am looking closely at closing, what can be done to curtail any loopholes and prescribing practices, including legislative options. Nothing is off the table and I will update the House in due course,” Health Secretary Victoria Atkins said.

J.K. Rowling commented that threats to Cass and lobby groups discrediting the meticulous review suggest following the money.

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