We Found A Cheaper Bamboo Version Of The TikTok Viral PrepDeck

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Instead of pulling out a cutting board, a variety of peelers and graters, all of your containers, you can now slice and dice everything you need with one versatile instrument. It’s a bamboo cutting board with grated drawers and containers packed underneath the board. Depending on the style, they come with their own stackable tops, letting you grate or peel directly into the container you’ll be storing the food in — all on the same cutting board.

And though it’s easy to snark at all the meal-prepping madness, I humbly say, this tool is pretty genius.  

One of the most popular meal-prepping stations is the all-plastic Prepdeckwhich was first seen on Shark Tank, though feels like an item made entirely to show off on the internet. These cost north of $120, measure almost two feet long, and are often sold out on Amazon. They also have a phone stand built-in, so you reference recipe open on your phone or tablet (or film yourself chopping, if that dices your onion). 

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