Patriots’ Jerod Mayo To ‘Lean On’ Assistant In Head Coach Transition

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Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo assembled a large staff for his first season at the helm in New England, and one drawback to doing so has forced him into describing the roles of assistants who don’t hold traditional titles.

Ben McAdoo, for instance, is being labeled as a senior offensive assistant.

What does that mean? What do his responsibilities consist of? Who will he primarily be working with?

Mayo did his best to explain Saturday.

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“Ben has tremendous experience. He has coached every position on the offensive side of the ball, so he was one of those catch-all players as we started to build out the coaching staff,” Mayo said prior to rookie minicamp practice, per team-provided video. “He has a great history, great background. He also helps me with some of the scheduling stuff, almost like an assistant head coach type of role there, but I do have a small circle of people I lean on as far as that is concerned.”

It would make sense for McAdoo to take on such a role, as the former New York Giants head coach is the only person on Mayo’s staff with such experience in the NFL.

He’s also got quite the track record with quarterbacks, so it’s no surprise that developing Drake Maye will be a primary focus of his. Mayo, though, might be the single person at One Patriot Place that gets the most from McAdoo.

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