Dad Viral After Fighting Father Of His Daughter’s Alleged Bully

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A dad is going viral on social media after sharing how he responded to his daughter’s alleged bully. Kavi, as he’s listed on TikTok, explained that there were multiple attempts on his behalf to end the bullying.

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After the bullying continued, he put his paws on the bully’s dad to teach his daughter a lesson about consequences. Kavi says he tapped his brothers to help with the beatdown.

“To the seven-year-old girl who had to watch me and my brothers jump her daddy at the school, I’m sorry. I know that was probably a traumatizing experience for you. But we kept asking you to stop bullying my daughter, and you wouldn’t listen,” the dad said in his viral TikTok video.

As the 30-second video continued, Kavi shared that he tried to end the bullying in other ways before resorting to a fight. He allegedly “sent letters home” and “had a meeting” with the girl and her parents. Still, the child allegedly “wouldn’t listen.”

“So now, you know your actions have consequences, and since you too young to receive those consequences, you had to watch your daddy take those consequences. Get some therapy, you’ll be aight.” 

Watch Kavi tell the story below. 


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Dad In Viral Video Seemingly Isn’t Worried About Consequences Against Him

In just 19 hours, the TikTok video pulled in nearly 12 million views and more than 28,000 comments on the platform. The comment section was a mixture of approval and disapproval, relatable stories and people kiki-ing over the incident and Kavi’s explanation of it.

@MaestroTrucking wrote, “I aprove that. 15 yrs ago i went to the father and called him out infront of his son! 1v1 though but he step down and apologize! I told him I aint playing to leave my 6 year-old-boy alone! He stop.” 

@Debbiesantos658 seemed to disagree with Kavi’s route. She wrote, “I have five kids and if they got bullied, I made sure that they handle thiers. Parents don’t need to be getting involved. Yes speak to the school, but make sure your kids do what they gotta do.” 

Meanwhile, @CreightonLeigh added, “This is a loving message tbh. Take it to the top!” 

@yupikenwit23 said, “My dad used to DRAG me to whoever was bulling me’s house and tell the parents ‘either we fight in your yard or our kids do’ then told me before I fought ‘you’re sleeping in the garage for a week if…’

@Batman7 wasn’t here for the violence, writing, “Bullying is not right but never gonna get jumped, always carry it.

@luv_cha agreed, adding, “You don’t know what going on in that 7 year old life for her to become a bully and you don’t know if your daughter is over reacting u wack for that I could understand a little older junior high or high school but a 7 year old u got a long way to go.” 

And it seems like the viral dad isn’t pressed about the seven-year-old’s dad retaliating or taking legal action. In the same comment section, he replied to a user who brought that up. Kavi wrote, “I don’t have a criminal record, it’ll be a slap on the wrist.” 

In another video, he explained why he involved his brothers in the incident. His simple answer: “life” and “bullying “ain’t fair.”

Watch his explanation below. 


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