Mark Zuckerberg’s 40th birthday includes Pinocchio’s Pizza replica

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Priscilla Chan, Mark Zuckerberg’s wife, re-created some of the Facebook founder’s previous homes for his 40th birthday, including his Harvard dorm room and the Cambridge pizza spot where he “basically lived in college.”

Mark Zuckerberg and his family at his 40th birthday party, which included a replica of Pinocchio’s Pizza in Harvard Square. Mark Zuckerberg/Instagram

Mark Zuckerberg took a trip down memory lane for his 40th birthday, thanks to his wife, Priscilla Chan.

In a post to Instagram, Zuckerberg showed how Chan surprised the Facebook founder with replicas of “places I lived in the early days” for his 40th birthday bash.

Along with sharing photos of his faux childhood bedroom (“where I learned to code”) and his Harvard dorm room (“where I launched Facebook”), Zuckerberg’s party also had an impressively realistic-looking replica of Pinocchio’s Pizza in Harvard Square, where Zuckerberg said he “basically lived in college.”

Zuckerberg has continued to extoll the virtues of Pinocchio’s, which has photos of a young Zuckerberg hanging on its walls, long after the Facebook founder left Cambridge.

In 2017, he shared a photo on Instagram of a visit to the Harvard Square pizzeria, captioned “back where it all began.”

Pinocchio’s owner Adam DiCenso told the London-based Daily Telegraph that Zuckerberg was at Pinocchio’s “five to seven times a week” when he was a student.

DiCenso also told Boston magazine that Zuckerberg, whose go-to order is a Sicilian slice, almost always visits when he’s back in town.

“We knew him by face, but not by name,” DiCenso said. “But then he left, and a while later we saw him on the cover of a magazine, and we were like, ‘Oh my god, that’s the kid that used to come here all the time! It’s kind of crazy. Kids who were just, quote, ‘regular students’ here go on to become CEO of this and CFO of that. It’s a neat bunch of people.”

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