US District Judge Criticizes Left-Wing Election Advocacy Group In Their Defeat – State of the Union

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True the Vote, an election integrity group, won a legal battle against Fair Fight Action, backed by Stacey Abrams.

A federal judge ruled that True the Vote’s mass challenges of Georgia voters’ eligibility did not constitute illegal voter intimidation.

The challenges were made before the 2021 runoffs, which Democrats won, giving them control of the Senate. (Trending: Trump Announces Heartbreaking Melania-Related Health Update)

The judge found insufficient evidence that True the Vote attempted to threaten or coerce voters.

“Not only have plaintiffs failed to overcome the fact that their actions did not result in any direct voter contact or alone include or direct county boards of elections to pursue an eligibility inquiry, but there is no evidence that defendants’ actions caused (or attempted to cause) any voter to be intimidated, coerced, or threatened in voting,” wrote U.S. District Judge Steve Jones.

True the Vote’s founder, Catherine Engelbrecht, hailed the ruling as a vindication against lawfare and intimidation.

“Today’s ruling sends a clear message to those who would attempt to control the course of our nation through lawfare and intimidation. American citizens will not be silenced,” said Engelbrecht.

The case has implications for voter challenge laws in Georgia, where conservative activists have filed over 100,000 more challenges.

Fair Fight Action expressed disappointment in the court’s decision, highlighting the ongoing issue of voter intimidation efforts.

“Fair Fight is disappointed that Georgians and voters nationwide must continue to wait for our federal courts to impose accountability in the face of widespread and mounting voter intimidation efforts. In recent years, we have witnessed the erosion of our rights unfold on a national level. And the courts do not consistently provide the vindication and protection we seek,” wrote Chianti Stewart-Reid, the Fair Fight Action Executive Director.

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