Yelp’s Trend Expert Says Korean BBQ Restaurants Are On The Rise

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One of the big hits on Yelp’s list for Korean BBQ is Sō Korean Barbeque located in Centreville, Virginia. The restaurant’s Yelp reviews are filled with happy customers boasting about the great service and high-quality food. Mashed recently highlighted some of the best Korean BBQ restaurants in America as well, which (perhaps unsurprisingly) showcased how lucky people in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York are since those cities are flush with great options to choose from. Some standouts to us were Hae Jang Chon Korean BBQ in Los Angeles, Dons Bogam BBQ & Wine Bar in New York City, and San Ho Won in San Francisco, which has earned a Michelin star (though there aren’t tabletop grills for you to cook with at this one).

When it comes to Korean BBQ, it’s important to know what the best cuts of meat to order are. But don’t skip out on the side plates, either. Tteokbokki is a sort of rice noodle dish (technically rice cake but they look and taste like chewy rice noodles) that’s smothered in a rich gochujang-focused sauce that’s very filling and well worth a try. If you want something a little lighter so you can focus on the meat, a spicy cucumber salad (oi muchim) is a good option. Whatever you decide to eat, Korean BBQ is best enjoyed with a group of friends or family, so make use of Yelp to find good options in your area and go get grilling!

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