An expert’s seasoning tips for grilling bison burgers

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If you prefer a little more flavor than just salt and pepper, season the bison accordingly. Bright, woodsy herbs like rosemary, thyme, and parsley bring an earthy aspect to the game meat, contrasting against its natural sweetness. The game meat also works well with more fiery spices such as cinnamon and smoky peppers, which we include in our bison chili recipe.

Whatever seasonings you choose, follow John Politte’s tip and keep it simple. And if you don’t want to figure out what seasonings to include in your bison burgers, just go with a pre-made spice blend. “This is a shameless plug, but I curate my own brand of seasonings on my website It’s Only Food, and my Steak and Chop Seasoning was specifically designed for flame-broiling meat,” Politte mentions. “The aromatics explode with the flame’s kiss, and the herbs and spices connect, making this a perfect seasoning for grilled meat over a flame.”

Spices aside, add ingredients that will help keep the tender burgers from falling apart. Thanks to their mild flavor and finely ground texture, plain breadcrumbs are the best type of breadcrumbs to hold burgers together. Work them into the patties, as well as an egg yolk and minced onions for flavor.

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