Common mistakes you make when cooking short ribs

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While braising is arguably the canonical method for cooking short ribs, they also work great as barbecue. In the Korean sense of the word, that means grilling a thin flanken cut, but short ribs (especially from the plate) also excel in the form of traditional, slow-smoked barbecue.

If you want to get a good debate going among barbecue enthusiasts, one of the quickest ways is to get them started on the subject of which woods are best for smoking a given meat. Often, bold-flavored woods like hickory, oak, or mesquite are suggested for beef, but for many of us, that’s a misstep.

Yes, beef can technically stand up to those strongly-flavored hardwoods, but they’re best used with quicker-cooking cuts like steaks. For slow-cooking short ribs, which will spend a lot of time in the smoker, you may find that you’re better off adding extra flavor to short ribs using fruitwoods such as apple, cherry, or peach. Their flavors are lighter and more nuanced, and they won’t overpower the short ribs’ signature beefiness.

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