Easy Substitutes for Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies

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Rice Krispies Treats are much more malleable than other cookie substitutes on this list. Once you have a finished batch of homemade Rice Krispies Treats, you can shape them into squares, rounds, or whatever shape your heart desires. They’re also relatively easy to add extra flavors to; you can add extra marshmallows, a chocolate drizzle, or even peanut butter to make them uniquely your own.

To add Rice Krispies Treats to your ice cream sandwich, start by squishing out your treats into a thin layer. You’ll want to have a solid balance between the base and the ice cream filling, so it’s best to take a rolling pin to your cereal bars to make sure they’re perfectly flat. If you’re worried about sticking when rolling it out, wedge a piece of wax paper on top and under the Rice Krispies Treats.

You can make individual treats by cutting out squares, adding your ice cream, and refreezing the entire sandwich. Or layer sheets of Rice Krispies treats on top of one another, add them to your freezer, and then slice the entire batch up.

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