Help These Moisture-Loving Plants Thrive With An Easy Cookie Jar Hack

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You might think that a sealed container would stifle a plant since they need air to survive, right? Well, nature also does its magic in terrariums. Carefully planted in a clear jar, moisture-loving polka dot plants will create their own ecosystems. There are lots of different types of terrariums, but a closed one is best for your polka dot plant. In a clear, sealed container, moisture and air circulate like they would in a natural environment. However, it’s still important to set up your cookie jar terrarium carefully for your Hypoestes phyllostachya. 

Start with a clear jar since tinted glass makes the light too weak. If your plant is small, you can also turn an empty candle jar into a terrarium using another trendy TikTok hack. Clean the jar with soap and hot water first, rinse, and then allow it to air-dry completely. Drainage isn’t a concern in terrariums, so you can add potting soil and the plant directly to the jar. Fill it with enough soil to cover the plant’s largest root ball. Give it an initial watering, cover the opening, and then set the plant in an area that gets plenty of bright, indirect light.

Keep an eye on your jar as it establishes its own rain system. There should be some slight condensation on the sides. If you don’t see any condensation, give your plant a light watering just to be safe. However, once the jar’s rain system begins, the polka dot plant will essentially water itself for up to six months.

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