Is ALDI Toilet Paper Any Good (& Will It Really Save You Money?)

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With grocery store prices seeming to increase constantly, you’re probably looking for more ways to get the most bang for your buck. You may be thinking an easy way to do this would be to spend less on toilet paper, and ALDI’s Willow line can certainly help with that. While the four-pack of 1000 sheet rolls from ALDI is around $3.30, the same size pack of Scott toilet paper, a similar one-ply option, is $5 at Target. This makes the 1,000-sheet Willow a great way to save money, but the ALDI Reviewer claims that it’s too thin and not very soft, though this could be due to the fact that it’s only one-ply. On the other hand, commenters on Reddit say that Willow’s 1,000-sheet bath tissue and other versions are strong, comfortable, and a good deal. 

Some of ALDI’s other toilet papers are touted as great products that can help save you money while providing quality bath tissue. Depending on where you live, your local ALDI might carry various versions of toilet paper, and prices could differ by region as well. Some common toilet papers that the budget retailer carries are Willow So Soft, which is comparable to Angel Soft, and Willow Ultra Soft, which is analogous to Charmin Ultra Soft.

ALDI’s Willow Ultra Soft toilet paper is worth trying

If you’re someone that values the softness of your toilet paper or if you’re unsure if more expensive toilet paper is really worth the splurge, ALDI’s Willow Ultra Soft toilet paper might be your best bet for saving money without sacrificing comfort. While a Charmin Ultra Soft pack of 12 mega rolls costs $15 at Target, the same size package of ALDI’s Willow Ultra Soft is about $12. Additionally, the ALDI brand bath tissue has 286 sheets per roll, while Charmin’s only has 224. 

Besides the better price, Smart Family Money claims the ALDI Ultra Soft is actually a soft and thick two-ply paper, though it may produce a little lint. Additionally, Budget Reviews gave this bath tissue a 10 out of 10 rating, noting its softness and durability in their assessment, and Review Stream touted the TP’s absorbency and great price. These consistent reviews show that this bath tissue is a good choice that could really help your budget while keeping comfort in mind.

ALDI’s Willow So Soft has inspired mixed reviews

Smart Family Money claims that Willow So Soft is still uncomfortable and thin even though it is two-ply, though this reviewer also dislikes the comparable brand, Angel Soft. Alternatively, the ALDI Reviewer says that the So Soft option is a good economical choice and is relatively soft. ALDI Product Reviews also states that Willow Soft Touch, which is also compared to Angel Soft on the packaging, is a good quality toilet paper that is less expensive. With these differing opinions, it’s debatable if ALDI’s Willow So Soft is totally worth the cheaper price. 

This brand of budget toilet paper is about $6 for 12 jumbo rolls, while its comparable brand is almost $9 at Walmart. This could be a good option to try if you’re someone that already uses and enjoys Angel Soft, though there’s a chance that Willow So Soft might not be your most well-liked toilet paper. If you’re trying to stretch your budget but still want quality toilet paper, you may want to rethink buying popular brands of toilet paper and give ALDI’s line a chance.

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