Gorgeous, modern, and charming wreath alternatives for your front door

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Burlap is an organic fabric made from fibers from the jute plant. It can bring a rustic charm to modern homes and is very on-trend right now as we embrace earthy decor. When combined with faux flowers to create door decor, burlap looks stylish and natural.

To make this door decor DIY (via YouTube), wrap strips of burlap fabric around a small embroidery hoop or shower curtain ring. Secure the fabric in place with a hot glue gun. Next, set the hoop to one side and measure out a yard of burlap ribbon. Then, use floral pins to secure it to a styrofoam ball. Cut some faux hydrangeas, like these  from Amazon, at the short stem where they attach to the main stem. 

Punch holes in the styrofoam balls with a screwdriver or knitting needle and fill the holes with hot glue, then insert the cut hydrangea flowers. When finished, the faux hydrangea blooms should cover the styrofoam so you can’t see it. Slip the burlap ribbon through the burlap ring you made earlier so it can function as a hanger. Next, repeat the process on the other end of the burlap ribbon by adding a styrofoam ball and covering it with fake hydrangea flowers. You can finish at this point or add another strip of burlap ribbon so you end up with four hanging hydrangea balls. When complete, hang it on your front door by the hoop.

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