Tahiry Jose Recalls Alleged Abuse From Joe Budden, He Reacts

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Joe Budden stepped into The Shade Room with a lengthy response to his ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jose accusing him of abuse. His response came after she reacted to his thoughts on the surveillance footage of Diddy assaulting Cassie in 2016 and his subsequent apology.

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What Joe Budden Initially Said About Diddy And Cassie 

Budden addressed the Diddy and Cassie situation during the no. 727 episode of his self-titled podcast. He explained that they had a “heart-to-heart” after he got the ‘State of the Culture’ hosting job on REVOLT.

Joey claimed that Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs embraced his “lunatic” creative side but warned him not to “throw anything and don’t hit anybody.” Budden said that conversation made him feel like Puffy understood the importance of not hitting people.

However, he then described the assault footage in shaming terms. Afterward, he accused Combs of being greedy “for attention,” “tone-deaf,” and having an “inability to read the room” with his apology video.

“…But he pops back out with this half-hearted bullsh*t apology that was almost offensive. It was like a slap in the face.”

He added that he doesn’t think the surveillance footage is the last of Diddy being exposed or that the producer is the only one. Additionally, Budden said the video “lends a lot of credence to anything horrific” he’s heard about Combs, including allegations involving the late Kim Porter and Quincy’s dad, Al B. Sure!

See everything Budden said below. 

Tahiry Jose Calls Out Joe Budden & He Claps Back 

After The Shade Room reposted Budden’s comments, his ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jose hopped into the comment section. She recalled an incident where Joey allegedly mirrored similar domestic violence against her.

“FOH, Who??? The irony. This is so triggering!!!!! I remember Joey throwing me down a flight of stairs dragging me back into the house & me having to talk him into letting me go,” Tahiry wrote.

She added that their incident happened “for hours.” Tahiry also wrote, “This whole sh*t took me out. So hard to watch. So sorry for Cassie and every other woman who’s currently going through it or has ever gone through it. It’s tough.” 

To be clear, this is not the first or second time Tahiry has accused Joe of being violent. Over the years and amid their ‘Love & Hip Hop’ stints, she’s opened up about alleged abuse from him at length. In August 2020, she gave a bombshell interview to Hollywood Unlocked about their former relationship.

However, Joe Budden isn’t here for Tahiry dredging up these accusations. He also stepped into The Shade Room with harsh words for his former lady, accusing her of being a “failed gold digger,” among other insults.

“@therealtahiry you are a lying, failed gold digger that has abused, targeted and manipulated many men. Outside of me you lack an identity which is why you’ve tried desperately to attach yourself to me for over 15 years,” he wrote in The Shade Room’s comment section.

He recalled two times he’s seen her in the last two years where she appeared “fine” with him. Joe also said Tahiry was on his “body” during their last ‘Love & Hip Hop’ stint and “tried her best to disrespect [his] son’s mother [Cyn Santana] in the process.”

“I had to ask producers to keep you away from us like the cancer you are!! Yet you continue to slight my name online because…it’s your identity. I don’t speak to you or about you because it’s low vibrational. You’re a low level Dyckman con woman that’s been lying about (you already know) for ages. I pray you heal and move on one day, hopefully this is our last exchange. Prayers to all real victims.”

Swipe below to see everything Joe Budden said.

Things didn’t end there, though. Tahiry Jose slipped back into The Shade Room’s comment section to clapback at Joe. She warned her ex that his time is “coming.”

“@joebudden You can say WHATEVER you want about me! Those that know me know!!!! I’m not scared of you anymore. You can keep bullying, intimidating the rest. Those that know you and are around you also know the truth. Sad that they continue to enable your behavior. Your time is coming!” 

For context, in 2021, Cyn Santana also accused Joe of abuse during a leaked phone call, though he denied those allegations, per HipHopDX. However, Cyn has not reacted to his recent exchange with Tahiry.

What’s Going On With Diddy Now? 

It’s been less than a week since CNN exclusively shared the now-viral video of Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs dragging, kicking, and throwing things at Cassie in a hotel hallway. Several days after the breaking news, Combs gave his non-specific apology. Follow-up reports have said that he wasn’t able to name-drop his ex-girlfriend due to the terms in their now-settled lawsuit.

Cassie has yet to react to the footage, but her husband, Alex Fine, shared a letter on domestic violence. Meanwhile, the singer’s lawyer has been keeping her foot on Diddy’s neck and refusing to accept his apology.

Meanwhile, social media users, entities like REVOLT, and celebrities like former rapper Shyne and Aubrey O’Day have continued to speak out. Justin Combs’ mother, Misa Hylton, has also weighed in.

This week, another woman sued the controversial hip hop mogul on sexual assault allegations, adding to his growing list of related lawsuits.

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