Why Eddie Romero Praises Rafael Devers’ Red Sox Leadership

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Rafael Devers, whether he planned to or not, stepped into a massive leadership role when a franchise-record contract extension forced him into the spotlight for the Boston Red Sox.

Not only do the Red Sox as a result expect him to perform at a high-level on the field, they also expect him to lead with his teammates and set an example in the clubhouse.

On the latest episode of “310 To Left,” Red Sox assistant general manager Eddie Romero joined NESN’s Tom Caron and The Boston Globe’s Alex Speier to share his thoughts on Devers’ growth as a leader.

“He’s grown into the guy,” Romero shared. “In the middle of the order, he’s the All-Star. He’s the high-dollar player. He understands that there are a lot of responsibilities that come with that within the clubhouse and with media, charities and all that. He’s gotta become an all-around leader. I think he’s got a good grasp of what he needs to do for that. I think in the clubhouse, it’s a little bit different. Especially with the young Latin guys, they look up to him.”

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You can check out the full segment from “310 To Left” in the video above or here.

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