Jason Kelce Passionately Defends Tom Brady Over Deflategate

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New England Patriots fans probably groan whenever they hear the word “Deflategate,” but they might like to hear what Jason Kelce had to say about it.

The retired Philadelphia Eagles center and his brother Travis Kelce discussed proposed rule changes on their “New Heights” podcast this week. In that conversation, Jason Kelce revealed he used to do whatever it took to gain any little advantage. In essence, he was pro-cheating. He was so into the idea that he even brought up Tom Brady and the Deflategate scandal.

“I don’t even think Tom should have gotten in trouble for deflating footballs,” Kelce said told his brother. “I’m pro deflating footballs. I’ll say it. I’ll say it. I am pro deflating footballs. … He outsmarted people. Why the (expletive) does it matter how much air is in that (expletive)? If you’re throwing it and catching it, who the (expletive) cares? We’re all mad because he had the common sense to (expletive) take a little air out so the receivers could catch the (expletive) thing? Why is that against the rules? Y’all could have taken the air out, too. You guys could have taken the air out, too. You just weren’t smart enough. So why am I getting penalized because you’re (expletive) dummies? It’s a rule, but it’s a stupid rule, though. … You’re taking away intelligence.”

After years of beating around the bush around the subject, Brady perhaps admitted in the “Roast of Tom Brady” that there was some manipulation going on in 2015. “The Dynasty” revealed the former Patriots quarterback was “bawling his eyes out” over the scandal that turned everyone involved into a pariah.

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However, many have moved on from it, and it must feel good for New England fans to hear a legend in his own right in Kelce defending Brady over Deflategate.

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