I Am Not A Celebrity…Am A Trauma Survivor

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Gypsy Rose Blanchard is denouncing her celebrity status! In fact, she recently made it clear that she’s a “trauma survivor” and not an entertainer for the masses.

Since her early release from prison in December 2023, there has been much interest in the 32-year-old’s personal life. She had served seven out of her ten-year sentence for her role in orchestrating the murder of her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard.

Now, she’s making it clear that she’s a survivor on her own timing!

“Don’t ask me to relieve my trauma for your personal curiosity, don’t demand to know the answers to questions that have no relevance in your life, don’t expect me to have overcome my past on your time, don’t tell me about my mistakes and choices when I am who has to live with them on my conscious, don’t project what you want me to be because you find it more interesting,” she wrote on TikTok, per TMZ. “I am NOT a celebrity. I AM a trauma survivor who is healing from emotional, mental, and medical abuse.”


For context, days after being fresh out, Gypsy joined social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Because of her public profiles, thousands of people have been tracking her movements, from her relationship with husband Ryan Scott Anderson to her filing for divorce, rekindling with her ex-fiancée Ken Urker, and even her new nose job!

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Gypsy Rose Says She’s No Advocate Despite Trying To Educate With Her Story

So, as far as the celebrity expectations and ongoing criticisms go, Gypsy Rose isn’t here for them.

“I have shared my story in the hopes it would educate about Munchausen by proxy and inspire other survivors, only to have my abuse be invalidated by content creators on social media who do not have any psychological education to back up their claims despite multiple psychiatrists specializing in MBP such as Dr. Marc Feldman who interviewed for 2017 HBO’s ‘Mommy Dead and Dearest,’ after reviewing my medical records obtained for my case. He had [a] high belief that my mother indeed had MBP,” she added.

According to the National Library of Medicine, Munchausen by proxy is a disorder that features the fabrication or induction of signs or symptoms of a disease. Throughout her childhood, Gypsy’s mom subjected her to medication use, confined her to a wheelchair, and forced the use of a feeding tube despite Rose not having a need for much of it.

At 32, Gypsy says she’s “HEALING” and doesn’t want anyone to “ask [her] to advocate.”


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This isn’t the first time she’s popped off on social media. Earlier this year, she temporarily shut down her public social accounts, calling it a “doorway to hell.”

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