Kowloon is making a cannabis-infused Mai Tai seltzer

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The seltzer will be available starting June 1.


LEVIA, a cannabis beverage brand based in Massachusetts, is partnering with Kowloon Restaurant to debut a limited-edition seltzer, AYR Wellness, LEVIA’s parent company, announced Tuesday.

The Mai Tai THC-Infused Seltzer is a “fast-acting, expertly formulated infused beverage” that “pays homage to Kowloon’s famous Mai Tai cocktail,” according to a press release announcing the beverage.

“With more than seven decades in service, we are always looking for new ways to bring excitement and fun to our customers, and AYR has provided us an opportunity to do just that,” said Bob Wong, co-owner of Kowloon in a statement. “As demand for cannabis-infused beverages rises, we are pleased to meet customers’ evolving interests by putting a twist on our timeless cocktail.”

The seltzer will will be available at AYR Wellness dispensaries and retail partners across the state starting June 1.

It’s been a good year so far for lovers of Kowloon. A new delivery service allows people who no longer live in Massachusetts to order New England Chinese food (including Kowloon dishes) for delivery, and a second Kowloon concept will be opening at The Brook, a casino in Seabrook, New Hampshire, this summer.

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