Calling Out Stephen A. Smith After Shot At Celtics’ Jaylen Brown

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Stephen A. Smith recently took aim at Celtics star Jaylen Brown, but not because of something Boston’s star did on the floor during the Eastern Conference finals.

Instead, Smith took a shot at Brown for his marketability, character and “I’m better than you attitude.” The ESPN talking head said those sentiments came from an anonymous “NBA source.”

Brown, who initially responded “State your source,” later opened up about the social media spat after the Green punched their ticket to the NBA Finals on Monday night.

During the latest episode of NESN’s “Boston Has Entered The Chat” podcast, co-hosts George Balekji and Travis Thomas called out Smith and expressed why they thought his criticisms were unfair.

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“The Stephen A. Smith thing, just lose me with that all the way,” Balekji said. “I saw it, I watched the full thing on ‘First Take’ and it’s — Stephen A. knows better than to read that text.

“He knew what he was doing by doing that.”

You can check out the segment in the “Boston Has Entered The Chat” YouTube video embedded above.

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